Overview of the school

Opus Pieces with accompaniment Studies Solo-Pieces Duets Jazz pieces
Opus 1 The Beginning – Songs (with 2nd violin) The Beginning – Studies
Opus 2 25 Popular Children's Songs (with 2nd violin) Theory
Opus 3 The Big Songbook (with 2nd violin) The smallest Studies of the World Mini-Caprices for Violin Solo Duettinos & Duets
Opus 4 Concertinos (Leaving the Finger Patterns / with 2nd violin) Studies: Rhythmical and Technical Novelties (with 2nd violin) Solo-Caprices & Solo-Fantasias (in Finger Patterns and leaving the Finger Patterns)
  • 13 Solo-Caprices & 11 Solo-Fantasias
    Capricen:in the Style of Vivaldi
    Fantasias:Andante classico, Menuett, Romance, Arabian Dance, Rondo, Waltz, Siciliano, Chinese Dance, Csárdás, Spanish Serenade, Andantino triste
Opus 5 Trying out the Positions – Songs (with 2nd violin) Trying out the Positions – Studies
Opus 6 Easy Concertos I. Position (with piano) Studies I. Position Solo-Caprices & Solo-Fantasias (I. Position)
  • 3 Solo-Caprices & 6 Solo-Fantasias
    Caprices:in the Style of Vivaldi
    Fantasias:Mexican Dance, Hawaiian Song, Caribic Tango, Funny Waltz, Caribic Dream, 4 Atmospheric Pictures
Jazz pieces I. Position
Opus 7 Easy Concertos I. - III. Position (with piano) Studies I. – III. Position Solo-Caprices & Solo-Fantasias (I. - III. Position)
Opus 8 Easy Concertos I. - III. - V. Position (with piano) Studies I. – III. – 5. Position Solo-Caprices & Solo-Fantasias (I. - III. - V. Position)
Opus 9 Easy Concertos I. - II. - IV. Position (with piano) Studies I. – II. – IV. Position Solo-Caprices & Solo-Fantasias (I. - II. - IV. Position)
Opus 10 Studies Solo-Sonatas Jazz Pieces I. Position