The Violin School

The Peter Taban Violin School consists of a large number of the author's own compositions, which cover a variety of styles and are supplemented by numerous studies and exercises. The level of difficulty increases continuously but not too quickly, which offers the learner the opportunity to shape his/her musical development interestingly and attractively over many years.

Each opus (the level of difficulty increases with each new opus) contains pieces with a tutti or piano accompaniment, along with suitable studies. Some of the opuses also include solo caprices, solo fantasias, duets for two violins, and jazz pieces.

Pieces with accompaniment:

  • Opuses 1 to 3 are based on the different types of finger pattern, and the last book in Opus 3 then looks at moving on from finger patterns.
  • Opus 4 consists of six concertinos which guide learners away from the finger pattern system used up to this point.
  • Opus 5 deals with trying out the positions. It is made up of one book with songs using the third and fifth positions and one book with songs using the second and fourth positions.
  • Opuses 6 to 9 contain a total of 20 violin concertos in different styles. They use positions one to five and each have a piano accompaniment.


    supplement and reinforce what the pieces are teaching by providing the learner with technical exercises.

Solo pieces

    are also recital pieces. They are suitable for performances for which an accompanist is not available.

Duets for two violin:

    both parts are as difficult as each other, and the main melody alternates between the first and second violin.

Jazz pieces:

    an early introduction to the world of jazz music.